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Shyy, W., Francois, M. and Chung, J. N., 2003, U.S. Patent No. 6,598,409: Thermal
Management Device.
Shyy, W., Computational Modeling for Fluid Flow and Interfacial Transport, Elsevier,
The Netherlands, (1994, revised printing 1997); Dover, New York, (2006)
xviii + 504 pages. {Reviews of this book: W.B.J. Zimmerman, The Chemical
Engineering Journal, Vol. 55, (1994); P.L. Roe, AIAA Journal, Vol. 32, (1994); B.
Huang, Drying Technology, Vol. 12, (1994); L.A. Bertram, Applied Mechanics Reviews,
Vol. 48, (1995); A. Iserles, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol 305, (1995); H. Muthsam,
Monatshefte fur Mathematik (1996)}.
Shyy, W., Udaykumar, H.S., Rao, M.M. and Smith, R.W. (authors), Computational Fluid
Dynamics with Moving Boundaries, Taylor & Francis, Washington, DC, (1996, revised
printing 1997, 1998 & 2001); Dover, New York, (2007), xviii + 285 pages {Reviews of
this book: S. Bhaduri, Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. 50, (1997); D. Kothe, AIAA
Journal, Vol. 36 (1998)}.
Shyy, W., Thakur, S.S., Ouyang, H., Liu, J. and Blosch, E. (authors), Computational
Techniques for Complex Transport Phenomena, Cambridge University Press, New York,
hardcover (1997), paperback (2005), xviii + 321 pages. {Review of this book : W.M.
Worek, Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. 52, (1999); Mathematics Abstract, April
(1999); AIChE J.}
Mei, R. and Shyy, W., “On the Finite Difference-Based Lattice Boltzmann Method in
Curvilinear Coordinates,” Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 143, (1998), pp. 426-
Prewitt, N., Belk, D. and Shyy, W., “Parallel Computing of Overset Grids for
Aerodynamic Problems with Moving Objects,” Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol. 36,
(2000), pp. 117-172.
Mei, R., Yu, D., Shyy, W. and Luo, L.-S., “Force Evaluation in the Lattice Boltzmann
Method Involving Curved Geometry,” Physical Review E, Vol. 65, (2002) # 041203, pp.
Yu, D., Mei, R., Luo, L. and Shyy, W., “Viscous Flow Computations with the Method of
Lattice Boltzmann Equation" Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol. 39, (2003), pp. 329-
Kamakoti, R. and Shyy, W., “Fluid-Structure Interaction for Aeroelastic Applications,”
Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Vol. 40, (2004), pp. 535-558.
Garbey, M., and Shyy, W., “A Least Square Extrapolation Method for the a posteriori
Error Estimate of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Problem,” International Journal for
Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol. 48, (2005), pp. 43-59.
Popescu, M., Shyy, W., and Garbey, M., “Finite Volume Treatment of Dispersion-
Relation-Preserving and Optimized Prefactored Compact Schemes for Wave Equations,”
Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 210, (2005), pp. 705-729.
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